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What is 3D Studio Max

Wednesday, 4 January 2017

3D Studio Max

studio Max
create 2D shapes
3ds Max Formerly known as "3D Studio," 3ds Max is a 3D modelling, animation, and rendering program from the Media and Entertainment division of Autodesk Widely used in the areas of interactive games, visual effects for movies and industrial design models, the software lets you create 2D shapes that become the cross sections of the 3D models. The application includes an animation module that uses inverse kinematics, which links components so that they move together, adding to the effect of bringing a character to life. 3ds Max carried Autodesk's Discreet brand name until 2005. See Character Studio.

Character Studio

character studio
formerly 3D Studio
A plug-in for 3ds Max (formerly 3D Studio) from the Media and Entertainment division of Autodesk, that enables two-footed characters (people, cartoons, robots, etc.) to be animated automatically. A generic skeleton is used to define the path of movement, and the user's own character design is overlaid onto it. Its advanced features include forearm segmentation for realistic movement and function curves that are quaternion-based. Character Studio was marketed under Autodesk's Discreet software imprint until 2005 when Discreet was rebranded.

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